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Renew with Jill LLC

JILL Hope ,

11516 Old Shelbyville Road #205

Louisville , Kentucky 40243

Renew with Jill LLC: address is 11516 Main Street Middletown Ky 40243 Iam on the second floor

it's located inside of the Cox Smokers Outlet Headquarters with a black awning with the address in white #s 11516 on it & is in a large colonial brick building that looks like a house with black shutters.

▶️ Directions/location : On Main Street when you see the small historic Aetna gas station at the 4 way stop (@ Main & Harrison Avenue) you either will take a left or right depending on which direction you will be coming from... then you'll see a 'No Outlet' sign you will have to turn right then the parking lot will be your next right.

I do not have a sign on the building indicating that I'm in that building...The back of the building is where you enter.

🚘🚗Parking : my entrance to my business is in the ***REAR OF THE BUILDING *** per parking in front of the building is for ANOTHER BUSINESS so please PARK IN THE BACK OF THE BUILDING if you park in the front of the building you will not be permitted to enter in the front entrance you will have to walk around to the back entrance.

🏚Go into the door in the back of the building and I will be on the 2nd floor first door on the left when you come up the stairs. * if you're a new facial client please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out a skin care consultation form. Thank you for choosing Renew with Jill for all your skin care & waxing needs. 🌷🌸🌷